AMA Review- How Marcopolo protocol designs a new p2p e-cash system?

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Hello,everyone. Welcome to join our first technology AMA . Topic is『 How Marcopolo protocol designs a new p2p e-cash system?

Welcome our core developer “Lester Richton”

1. Please introduce yourself to everyone and also talk about what exactly is MarcoPolo Protocol.

Hello everybody, I’m Lester Richton. I got into the field of blockchain at the end of 2016, mainly working on the research and development of public chain consensus protocols. At the moment, I’m the core developer of MarcoPolo Protocol.

MarcoPolo Protocol is an open-source blockchain protocol strategically invested by Softbank. It aims to achieve shared resources and intelligent inter-chain scheduling and contribute to decentralized applications with better scalability and lower transaction fees among the global blockchain networks.

2. Compared to Polkadot and Cosmos, what are the distinct and innovative parts of MarcoPolo Protocol? Is it still necessary to develop other public chains?

Polkadot empowers blockchain networks to work together under the protection of shared security. And Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus.

As same as the other two projects, MarcoPolo Protocol could improve the scalability and interoperability of blockchain network.

The main differences are the properties of shared resources and intelligent inter-chain scheduling. This is also the innovation of MarcoPolo Protocol.

After Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the p2p e-cash system, various public chains proposed a variety of solutions in order to accomplish the p2p payment without a third party. With the future popularity of digital encrypted currency payment and exchange, increasing TPS is highly demanded. Relying only on a single chain to process transactions would not significantly improve the processing speed. Therefore, more chains are needed to perform collectively in order to achieve TPS sharing.

MarcoPolo Protocol intends to provide a convenient and economical way of p2p payment while fully utilizing resources from different blockchains. That is the meaning of MarcoPolo Protocol.

3. Ecosystem determines the future of public chain. How does MarcoPolo protocol think about ecological construction?

First of all, I highly agree with the significance of ecosystem for public chains. We believe that there is a natural demand for payment, exchange and borrowing of digital cryptocurrencies in the future.

MarcoPolo Protocol primarily targets three application scenarios of Dpayment, DEX and DeFi to build the e-cash system infrastructure serving the whole blockchain ecosystem. In the electronic cash system, DEX and DeFi are two important applications. Currently, DEX and DeFi are structured in a single chain or ecosystem. We wish that DAPPs built on the MarcoPolo Protocol could share DEX and DeFi achievements of other ecosystem.

4. Can you tell us more about how Marcopolo protocol achieves resource sharing among chains? What is the mechanism to accomplish intelligent inter-chain scheduling?

In terms of sharing resources across chains, in MarcoPolo Protocol, a. select the appropriate synerchain as the target isomorphic chain to process transactions and then realize the TPS sharing of synerchains through the MTP protocol; b. select a secure, efficient and low-cost third-party public chain as the target heterogeneous chain, and then use the computing power of the target chain to deal with transactions. The process requires the related interactchain to interact with target chain through BRPC and then moves applications and transactions to the target chain in order to finish the transactions. Therefore, the target chain is considered as Layer 2 that processes the transactions in MarcoPolo Protocol. In this way, the TPS capacity of the whole MarcoPolo protocol network can be expanded by stacking multiple target chains.

Intelligent scheduling across chains is the core of MarcoPolo Protocol. We wish to build interactions across chains through MTP+BRPC, so as to solve the problem of inter-chain interoperability.

5. What does the technical road map look like and what is the plan of MarcoPolo Protocol? At which development stage is it in right now?

MarcoPolo Protocol Road Map:

The first phase 2019.Q1
Gravity:The interoperability module Gravity has been developed, which realized useable interoperability between third-generation public chain and high consensus digital currency such as BTC and ETH, will share computing power and performance gradually expand to more high-performance public chain through interoperability.

Second phase 2019.Q3
Electromagnet:Online retail payment application — MarcoPay POB Community Governance DAPP.

The third phase 2020.Q4
Interaction:Independently developed MarcoPolo main Network StandardChain will be launched, achieving APoS, On chain governance, Architecture design of InteractChain.

Fourth phase 2022.Q2
Grand Unification:The realization of heterogeneous cross — chain operability, resource sharing between chains.

At present, MarcoPay DAPP has been launched online. In the meantime, core team members concentrate on the research and design of the protocol. StandardChain is still in its early-stage proof of concept.

6. Why do you join MarcoPolo Protocol? What attracts you the most?

MarcoPolo Protocol is an open source community, which is formed by a large number of blockchain open source technology enthusiasts and professionals. People applied their expertise and innovative ideas in many perspectives such as theoretic research, promotion, coding, system engineering and etc.

The MarcoPolo Protocol is committed to creating a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system that truly fulfills the vision of Nakamoto.

7. MarcoPolo Protocol technical community has attracted developers from Bitcoin and Cosmos. Could you please talk about how to participate in the technical community?

MarcoPolo Protocol technical community encourages researchers, technology evangelists and developers to participate, mainly the first two. After the protocol passed through PoC phase and able to implement in modules, we definitely need more developers to join the community. After sorting out the research topics, we will share with everyone on the Discord and Riot channels in our technical community.

click the link below to join the community to know the up-to-date progress and take part in the discussion.

8. Developers are essential to the development of the technical community. Could you please tell us what are the incentives of MarcoPolo protocol in this regard?

Regarding to the motivation mechanism, as far as I know, MarcoPolo has set up a pool of 9% of MAP for incentives in technical community. The incentives are mainly used in two aspects: technology and community. Technology has three parts: research, technical promotion and development; community involvement includes online AMA, Meet up, Workshop, etc. MarcoPolo Protocol has been actively exploring ways to motivate great and talented people to get involved in this open source project through different levels.

9 What’s the advantage of APoS, the consensus of Marcopolo protocol, when compared with PoS? And what problems APoS has solved?

APoS is a Assets Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. There are three advantages:1. it supports the staking of multiple digital cryptocurrency, more people can participate in the ecosystem; 2. it can protect assets, people still get keep their original BTC or ETH, just staked into APoS system; 3. it solves the problem of easy centralization in the traditional PoS/DPoS consensus mechanism.

10 Why should you have some MAP?

a. MAP is invested by SoftBank.
MAP is invested by SoftBank, one of the world most famous investment banks. It is one of the investors of XRP and Alibaba.

b.The vision of MarcoPolo is grand.
MAP has a grand vision with the mission of constructing the bitcoin’s new p2p e-cash system. It will serve all public chains. Therefore, there is a large demand for MAP.

c. Small circulation without private placement and I-C-O

MAP has a small circulation without private placement and I-C-O. Currently the estimated circulation is less than 10 million and it will be released strictly according to the rules in the White Paper.

d. Listed on Top 10 exchange platform

It is listed on KuCoin, the world top 10 exchange platform, for its first launch.

e. Technical open source community

The technical open source community has strong appeals and attracts developers from Bitcoin, ETH, Cosmos, etc.,

f. Can be used in various scenarios and daily life

MAP can be frequently used in various scenarios and daily life. MAP will soon realize offline payments in Southeast Asia by MAP and other digital currency. The market demand for MAP will be increased continuously.

11 As we all know,『POB is very popular now for map holders』. Could you please tell me why and how to join POB?

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