MAP grand launch POB today, the first daily prize ends at UTC+8 23:00.

The earlier you join, the more MAP you’ll earn! If you have more than 200MAP, submit your screenshots in and pm our admin, we will invite you into seed users community!

There are 4 types of prize you can earn from participating in PoB including active prize, appreciative prize, referral prize, and bind prize. The more you are engaged in PoB or your invitee engage into PoB, the more MAP you will be rewarded. The easier you participate; the more chance to win MAP! The annualized rate of return on the first day of winning is more than 300%. Don’t lose this chance!

POB participation process

  1. Everyone must bind the system invitation code

2. Top up the MAP to POB

3. Exchange 200 maps for one ticket and freeze the MAP

4. Participate in the lottery by ticket(s) to get active prize

5. Get appreciative prize and referral prize by invitation


If you have any question, pm admin

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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