MarcoPolo Bi-Weekly Report #4 19/10/28–19/11/10

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MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) aims to create a new peer-to-peer cash system infrastructure, through a series of technical mechanisms, to achieve public blockchain TPS sharing and intelligent scheduling, in order to become the transaction scheduling platform of the entire blockchain world. Peer-to-peer cash system applications can utilize unlimited expansion of TPS and optimum GAS fee.

Depends on the completion of Gravity module, developers around the world can design and implement peer-to-peer cross-chain payment application. A large number of merchants from Southeast Asia, East Asia and North America will be linked to this network, and will be open to all digital assets.

Technological Progress

1. Adds the PoC 0 phase into the development of the MarcoPolo protocol and defines what content needs to be done. Refer to Github for code:
◦ Completed the development of some basic components including cli, log, encryption, etc.
◦ Define basic data structures, blocks, and transactions, etc.;
◦ Implement the entire process for single-node: startup, verification, and block generation;

2. The work of the MarcoPolo technical community has progressed significantly:
◦ It has attracted many technicians from all over the world to join the MarcoPolo open source community and actively participate in the research and technical sermons of the MarcoPolo protocol.

3. Technical community updated two in-depth articles analyzing the technical architecture and consensus mechanism of MarcoPolo Protocol
▪ Deep into the architecture of MarcoPolo protocol:
▪ Paradigm shift, APoS better than PoS?:

4. Established a MarcoPolo technical discussion group at Riot, Discord, Gitter;
▪ Riot:
▪ Discord:
▪ Gitter:

Market Development

1. MarcoPolo Protocol(MAP) premiere listed on KuCoin exchange, openring price is 0.015 usdt, and the highest increase of opening day was 500%.

2. MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) obtained strategic investment by Softbank

According to the latest report of Reuters on November 12, the MarcoPolo agreement received a strategic investment from Singapore Softbank. The chairman of Softbank Singapore said that it will make additional investments in the secondary market as appropriate and provide Softbank global technology and business resources to promote the ecological construction of the MarcoPolo Protocol.

3. A new round of MAP airdrop activities attracted nearly 20,000 fans from home and abroad.

Over the past two weeks, MAP recharges, Marco Polo quizzes and other airdrop activities have been carried out in the MAP official community and the KuCoin community, with a total of 10,000 MAPs.

4. MAP official community holds the second AMA

On November 7th, MAP held the second round of AMA activities in the official Chinese community, which attracted many MAP fans’ enthusiastic participation. Everyone actively asked questions about the issues of concern, including the distribution mechanism of the certificate, the future vision of the project, and the plan of the project. The unique advantages of MAP, etc.; the administrators answered the questions one by one, and the fans expressed their confidence and expectation for MAP.

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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