MarcoPolo Bi-Weekly Report #8 2020/1/16–2020/1/31

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The MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) is a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system infrastructure that is strategically invested by Softbank. It aims to achieve public chain TPS sharing and intelligent scheduling through multiple public chains and enable the peer-to-peer cash system to enjoy the unlimited expansion of TPS and optimal GAS fees among the entire blockchain network.

Depends on the completion of the Gravity module, developers around the world can design and implement a peer-to-peer cross-chain payment application. A large number of merchants from Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America will be linked to this network and will be open to all digital assets.

Product development progress:

  1. Cooperate with memapay to launch lightning buy products, and Turkish users can quickly buy usdt online
  2. The flash cash function has been updated. Users can exchange eth / usdt and map / true online directly, and the chain operation is completely safe and guaranteed;

3. Completed the development of macrofossils version, and the product is under test;

4. A new version of marcopay is planned. The new version has a major breakthrough in ease of use and communication;

Technical progress

1. Development progress of POC-0 of Marcopolo protocol, mainly:

· achieve the POA consensus;

· for code, please refer to GitHub: protocol/marcopolo;

2. Research progress of Marcopolo protocol: Design centralized asset custody and privacy sub-account function based on multi-party security computing and threshold key algorithm;

Operation activities

1. “Charge 600map, win $20000usdt”

As of January 19, 1796 lotteries participated in the event, totaling 359200 maps. The number of the first $20000 winner is 15347530. Thank you for your active participation and support.

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2. Map’s introduction articles rank second in the “popular articles list” of coinpan website

On coinpan, a well-known website in South Korea, the introduction articles of Marcopolo protocol project ranked second in the ranking list of popular articles on the platform, with a reading volume of + 13000. Map is highly concerned and recognized by local people in the Korean market.

3. Marcopolo protocol held a roadshow in Turkey

At 15:00 p.m. on January 28, 2020, the first stop of Marcopolo protocol’s global roadshow started in Turkey.

Venue: Maslak 42. Istanbul

Number of participants: 100+

Media reports: 50 + media publicity reports, such as Cointelegraph, BF media, etc

Speech content: Marcopolo protocol, the new peer to peer e-cash system

Guests: CEO of cagla menapay, Mustafa yilham venture partner, CEO of Seyit ozgur blockchain labs, crypto dog, etc

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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