MarcoPolo Protocol community building plan POB will be launched soon

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The MarcoPolo Protocol reserves 15% of the initial release of MAP for community building. It is distributed to community users through various activities over a long time span, and encourages community members to participate in various MAP activities to jointly build and expand the size and influence of MAP community.

Since the establishment of MAP community, a variety of community incentive activities have been carried out, including airdrops, prized AMAs, prized quizzes, register invitation rewards, and trading competitions.

Next week, MAP will launch community building DApp — POB. Members will get MAP incentives through lotteries, and get more incentives through sharing and inviting.

Download the MarcoPolo wallet now and wait for the launch of POB! The specific gameplay and rewards of POB will be continuously updated!

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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