MarcoPolo Protocol(MAP) Technology Popularization: Secure Random Number Model

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MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) is a grand project that embraces the future. The project will integrate, innovate and upgrade advanced R&D achievements in computer science fields such as blockchain technology, cryptography technology, and computer communication technology.

The medium column will make a long-term popularization of the technical features contained in the Macaboro Protocol(MAP).

During the operation of on-chain contract, the randomness of random numbers is related to the fairness of many services and games, while currently in blockchain, there is no good approach to provide secure random numbers. Some blockchain relies on block hash to generate randomness since the block hash value is unpredictable and random while it is the same on all nodes. However, if the block reward is less than the reward that the miner manipulated the block hash, it is economically rational for them to manipulate the hash. What’s more, in the Proof of Stake (PoS) system, since generating a block almost does not cost computing time and energy, miners (certifier) can easily generate thousands of blocks in succession until they get a favorite block hash and submit the hash value. In MarcoPolo, during the consensus block generation process, there are many certifiers broadcasts a random number hash. When the block is generated, they combine these random number into a completely random number, which guaranteed the safety of random number.

This secure random number model mechanism will be realized on the MAP main network and become a technical means to ensure the security and fairness of the MAP main network operation.

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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