MarcoPolo Protocol open source technology community discussion selected-November 27

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MarcoPolo Protocol technology open source community has recently conducted extensive discussions on the APoS consensus mechanism. Blockchain technology researchers from various countries have expressed their profound views on the feasibility of the Asset-based Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

An Australian blockchain researcher Seabook expressed his opinion: “The APoS mechanism allows users to participate in staking without holding MAP token, which can attract more mainstream asset holders to participate”

Researcher SilasZhr said: “The APoS consensus solves the problem of assets concentration in traditional PoS mechanisms by allowing cross-chain assets to participate in staking, and eases the formation of Cartel.”

A developer from Brazil asked: “Could you explain how chain governance would work?”.

The developers from Cosmos discussed with us regarding “The difference between the APoS consensus mechanism and ChainX’s multi-asset staking mechanism”.

The MarcoPolo Protocol open source community is a technology community for global developers. It has attracted developers from well-known blockchain projects such as Cosmos, Ethereum to participate in the research and development of MarcoPolo protocol.

MarcoPolo OpenSource Official Technical Community



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