Six reasons to choose MarcoPolo(MAP)

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MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) aims to create a new peer-to-peer cash system infrastructure, to achieve blockchain world public chain TPS sharing and intelligent scheduling, to become the trading platform of the entire blockchain world, and achieve unlimited expansion of TPS and optimal GAS.

1. The vision of MarcoPolo is grand, cutting into the mission of Bitcoin’s new peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which will serve all public chains and has a large demand for MAP.

2. The amount of circulation is small, the currently estimated circulation is less than 10 million, according to the opening price of 0.015USDT, equivalent to 150,000 US dollars, and all tokens are strictly released according to the rules of WhitePaper.

3. MAP premier listing is the top ten exchanges in the world, KuCoin.

4. The technology open source community consists of developers from the technical communities of Bitcoin, ETH, Cosmos, etc., with a strong technical appeal.

5. Without private placement and ICO, institutional investors have long locked their positions and continue to hold.

6. With rich and abundant circulation scenarios, MAP will continue to realize the payment of MAP and other digital currencies in offline merchants in Southeast Asia in late November, and the market demand continues to rise.

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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