The MarcoPolo Protocol completes part of the code submission for the PoC-0 mission, and the development work will continue as planned.

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Recently, the MarcoPolo Protocol development team completed the project’s PoC planning and divided the development work into four phases. A part of the PoC-0 code has been submitted a few days ago. The main task of PoC-0 is to build the basic chain structure and implement the PoA consensus block generation. The updated code can be viewed in the official GitHub repository.

The MarcoPolo Protocol aims to create a high-performance public-chain infrastructure that spans the entire blockchain world, creating innovative consensus mechanisms, economic models, and enabling close integration of cutting-edge R&D and landing applications. Interoperability sharing through the unlicensed public chain of the entire encrypted world.

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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