What is PoB? Why should I participate in PoB?

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MAP will launch community building DApp — POB tomorrow, on December 3th. Members will get MAP incentives through lotteries, and get more incentives through sharing and inviting.

The MarcoPolo Protocol reserves 15% of the initial release of MAP for community building. It is distributed to community users through various activities over a long time span, and encourages community members to participate in various MAP activities to jointly build and expand the size and influence of MAP community.

Download the MarcoPolo wallet MarcoPay now and wait for the launch of POB! The specific gameplay and rewards of POB will be continuously updated!

Prize Type

1. Active Prize

Users can get active prize by participating in various lottery draw activities. Participants distribute the prize pool corresponding to each activity. 100% get a prize

The rules are as follows:

Lucky prize bonus = Active bonus pools this round ✖90%✖80% / amount of the winner

Participation prize bonus = participation bonus pool this round ✖90% ✖20% / amount of participants who didn’t win

2. Appreciative Prize

Every time the invitee gets active prize, the inviter can get the appreciative prize.

The appreciative prize inviter get=active prize invitee get*(1/9).

3. Referral Prize

Each time an invitee top-up for the first time, both inviter and invitee can get referral prize, the inviter gets 16 MAP and the invitee get 4 MAP

4. Bind Prize

Every valid user invitation can get one coupon, ten coupons can exchange for a ticket.

POB participation process

1.Everyone must bind the invitation code

2.Top up the MAP to POB

3.Exchange 200 maps for one ticket and freeze the MAP

4.Participate in the lottery by ticket(s) to get active prize

5.Get other prize by invitation

3.Exchange 200 maps for one ticket and freeze the MAP

4.Participate in the lottery by ticket(s) to get active prize

5.Get other prize by invitation

Five reasons to participate in POB?

1. User asset security

The MAP of all users in the POB is managed through smart contracts on the blockchain which is real DApp that nobody can move users’ assets. The security of the contract code has been audited by SlowMist and Xuanmao code auditing companies.

2. Fair lucky draw algorithm

The algorithms for lottery numbers and lucky draw numbers generation have all been open-sourced to ensure the fairness of the lottery.

3. No principal consumption

The POB lucky draw does not consume any user’s MAP. The principal can be drawn at the end of a lottery cycle and the minimum cycle is one day, after which MAP can be freely retrieved.

4. Considerable rewards

At the first stage, 100,000 MAP are injected into the prize pool to reward community members. During the opening of the event, the bonus pool will be injected three times. After that, the enlargement of the prize pool will be proportionate to the number of participants.

5. Rich incentive types

Participate in the raffle to get an active reward; invite new users to get a development reward; referral reward without specific actions; invite registration to get a ranking reward. More incentives will be gradually launched!

Click to download MarcoPay: http://www.marcopolopay.org/download

Where to trade MAP?: https://www.kucoin.com/

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MAP Protocol is a Chain-to-chain Interoperation Protocol

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